Behind every good woman, lies a story.


My main passion and purpose in life is to save people; mostly from themselves. 

I have Bi-Polar disorder.  I AM NOT bi-polar as my illness does not define WHO I am.  It's something I struggle with every single day.  Every morning I wake up and hope for a good, stable day.  I take my three medicines every day, religiously.  I strive to find self care options that help me stay in control of this illness.  Because of this illness, I want to help others.  I was so ashamed.  Embarrassed.  Humiliated.  When I first got my diagnosis (20 years after my symptoms started) I didn't know how to feel but at one point, I was suicidal.  It wasn't fair to my husband and my children to have to live with someone who may or may not wake up in a completely different mindset and mood from the one they went to bed it.  It wasn't fair for them to have to live with a mother and a wife that had to be medicated to be somewhat normal.  Thankfully, my awesome husband, friends, and close family members who knew my struggle, reached out and pulled me back to my feet.  Now I want to share my story with other military spouses, or anyone else for that matter, who may feel like they are insignificant, invisible, or unimportant. 


Reach out to your lifelines.  There is help.  There is no shame in your illness.  You are a wonderful beautiful person.  There is light. I promise you. 


NOW- Onto the fun part of ME! 

Hmm... who am I?  I've never really thought about it.  I grew up in small town Booneville, MS and was named after a Shirley Temple movie, "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm."  Thank GOD my mother won the battle of my name otherwise I'd have been Eula Mae.  Had that happened, I wouldn't be here today because my husband would never have given me a second look.   Thanks mama!  

My husband joined the Navy shortly after we married and off we went on that adventure.  You'll probably see a lot of Navy stories on this site because, well....the Navy has been my life since I was 17 year old.  My husband recently retired and I am still quite involved with my military family.  We've lived all over; Illinois, Hawaii, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Rota, Spain.  I'm blessed to have friends literally, all over the world. 

My family consists of DH (dear husband), DS (dear son), DD1 (dear daughter one), DD2 (dear daughter two)

DP1 (dear puppy 1), DP2 (dear puppy 2), and a partridge in a pear tree.  

I have a ridiculous sense of humor, I love people, laughing is my favorite thing to do, I adore chocolate, cheesecake, networking, and making friends.  Oh, and coffee and wine.  I also dance like no one is looking even when they are, and I wear heels and pearls just to clean my house sometimes. 

Why wait for a special occasion to dress up?  I might die first. 

Wear the pearls and the fancy dress.  Eat the damn cake!

Now let's talk about the professional side of Rebecca.  While my husband was in the Navy I constantly volunteered in one aspect or another.  I've been FRG President and every other board position there is, Navy Command Ombudsman (by far the position I enjoyed the most), fundraising chair, and many others.  I'm almost finished with my Bachelors in Psychology and my Realtors License.  

I'm a Start Up Consultant for small businesses, and Co-Founder and President of Milspouseology.  Milspouseology is my latest adventure.  Formerly Dependa Strong, Milspouseology is a site BY military spouses FOR military spouses.  Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. 

We exist to help navigate the military life terrain.  You're never lost when you're with us!  Our official launch is set for Jan. 1, 2021.  Lord knows we all need a new start after the 2020 we've had.  We have big BIG things in the works for Milspouseology.  Join us on our journey!

We are better TOGETHER!